Bobbi Lewis’ life before LASIK was like many others who struggle with contacts or glasses on a daily basis. She had worn contact lenses for over 20 years, receiving chronic eye infections endlessly, which was due to the saline solutions she had been using. She then began using daily contact lenses, however, she found that they became very dry later on in the day. As a photographer, editing and publishing photos became very difficult, as Bobbi would struggle viewing her photos that she had shot. She is hoping that her LASIK procedure can end the troubles she has faced for a majority of her life! See what happened to Bobbi next!

Her big day! The day of the procedure, Bobbi is not wearing contacts in order to allow her eyes to return to their fresh and normal state. Bobbi isn’t nervous, but rather excited to (literally) see what happens next!

The procedure has been completed! The doctor was “incredible”, the procedure was “really fast”, and “not a big deal at all!” Six hours after the procedure, Bobbi’s Post-Procedure LASIK Experience can be described as nothing but pure excitement! She can easily read the guide on her TV, but is a little sensitive to light, which is typical for the first day or so after the procedure. The next morning after surgery, Bobbi is continuing to treat her eyes with the prescribed eyedrops, which assist in the complete healing of her eyes. She is now going to drive herself to her follow up appointment with the doctor to make sure everything looks good. Bobbi is really excited about driving, which is going to be an awesome experience after wearing glasses and contacts for the past 20 years!

Bobbi Lewis’ official LASIK surgery results are in! Prior to her procedure, she was 20/40 in her right eye and 20/80 in her left eye. After driving herself to her post-op, she is happy to announce that her right eye is now 20/20 and her left eye is 20/15! She says she would do it “all over in a heartbeat” and she’s “excited about being able to experience everything with new eyes!”