Money isn’t everything, but it’s pretty important when it comes to major decisions, like LASIK. The procedure might be easy and fast, but it is not cheap. And, while it is important to consider the most affordable ways to finance your procedure, you should also consider how much you will save in traditional eye care costs.

The Cost of Sharp Eyesight

If you already need contacts or glasses to drive, read or see details, then you are probably already paying a small fortune every year in costs. Glasses aren’t cheap, with standard frames costing hundreds and designer frames costing more. When you add in lens upgrades, prescription fees and repair costs, the price gets higher. This doesn’t include the cost of seeing the eye doctor or getting your regular eye exams. Contact lenses are worn by many, but those are an additional cost. And, while there are some cheap contact lens options, most of them could be damaging to your eyes. And these prices don’t include contact lens solution, glasses cases, cleaners or sunglass attachments.

All these costs evaporate when LASIK corrects your vision.

LASIK Savings Calculator

Calculate all the savings you’ll put aside thanks to LASIK using our handy calculator:

How old are you?

How much do you pay for your regular prescription glasses and sun glasses? Enter $0 if contacts only.


How many years between new glasses?

What is your doctor visit co pay?


How often do you visit the eye doctor?

How many boxes of contact lenses do you use per year?

How much do you pay for a box of lenses?


How many bottles of contact lense solution do you use per year?

How much do you pay for a bottle of contact lens solution?


Your Results:

Total Lifetime Cost of Glasses and Contacts


Savings Per Year by Having LASIK


Lifetime Savings by Having LASIK


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The Cost of LASIK

You are already paying every year for your vision. What if those payments went towards something permanent? You might be surprised at how close the costs are. And, over time, you will find traditional costs are likely going to be higher than LASIK.

But we want to make things as easy as possible for you to compare. Our handy LASIK calculator was designed to help you see how much you might save with LASIK.

LASIK surgery patient with piggy bank and calculator LASIK eye surgery patient with a piggy bank and calculator

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Ready. Set. Save.

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