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Fort Worth resident Jess Fay relies heavily on having sharp vision in her job as a graphic designer at a marketing firm in Colleyville, Texas. “I was frustrated with my poor vision and didn’t want to hassle with glasses and contacts anymore,” she said. “I’m only 22 and my vision was so bad, I couldn’t see my alarm clock or phone that was only a foot away.”

Jess knew about LASIK vision correction because her mom had it done and said it was one of the best decisions she had ever made. “Obviously for me as a 22 year old, the biggest obstacle in my mind was money,” said Jess. “Since I recently graduated from college and I am just starting in my career, I need to save as much money as possible. And because LASIK is not essential, I felt like it could wait.”

But when Jess looked more closely into the possibility of having LASIK, met with a patient liaison at Kleiman Evangelist Eye Centers, and found out that affordable financing is available, there was no turning back. “I knew at that point that I had to get my poor vision not only fixed, but cured,” she said.

Dr. Kelly Frasier was Jess’s LASIK surgeon. “Dr. Frasier had a calming and comforting presence throughout the entire procedure,” she said. “He reassured me with his confidence by explaining every step to me while he performed the surgery.”

Jess was surprised at how quickly she recovered from the procedure. “Just like that, I had perfect vision within one day! And the fast recovery allowed me to get back to my daily activities with no pain or side effects. Every morning, I am reminded LASIK was definitely a great decision. When I wake up, I don’t have to reach for or find anything. I simply open my eyes and I can see perfectly.”

When asked if having LASIK has helped her in her profession as a graphic artist, Jess could not say enough! “Yes!” she gushed. “In my work, I stare at multiple screens all day. Before LASIK, at the end of the day, my vision was blurry and caused bad headaches. Now, my vision is sharp 24/7 no matter what I look at or the amount of time I look at it.”

Jess is so passionate about the positive results she has experienced since her LASIK procedure that she loves to talk to anyone about it. “For anyone who is on the fence about LASIK like I was, I would tell them that it was the best decision and I would not hesitate to do it again,” she said.


“I spend my days behind a camera as a small business owner and my glasses were preventing me from getting the crisp shots I needed. After too many years of trying to make it work with glasses, and spending a fortune on contacts, I finally decided to schedule a free consultation with Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers. My Blade-Free LASIK procedure with Dr. Hines was life changing for me; I now see BETTER than 20/20 in each eye! Sitting up minutes after having LASIK and being able to see without my contacts is a moment I will never forget. This year I will be traveling for a mission trip to Africa and later to South Korea to unite with my adopted son- knowing that I can focus on what’s important and not have to worry about glasses or contacts while out of the country is priceless. My only regret is not calling Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers sooner!”


“I wore contacts and glasses for 15 years, and it feels awesome not to have to worry about them any longer. In fact, I have better vision after Blade-Free LASIK than I did when I wore glasses. What more could I want from my procedure?

“The team at Kleiman Evangelist Eye Centers helped me finance my procedure and made it very affordable for me. When I shopped around, Kleiman Evangelist Eye Centers was the most affordable for the technology and surgical experience, and they were the friendliest too! It was a win-win for me!”


“I am a professional firefighter and paramedic in the DFW area and being able to see clearly is critical in my field of work. After my PRK procedure with Dr. Evangelista, I no longer have to fumble with or keep up with glasses when driving the firetruck to an emergency situation. I’m thankful that the staff at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers took the time to explain everything to me in detail so I knew what to expect; they were truly with me every step of the way in my journey to 20/20 vision. Dr. Evangelista and his team were nothing but friendly and professional; I can’t recommend them enough.”


“I always thought squinting to see the TV and street signs was normal until I had the Lasik procedure done at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers. I never knew seeing this clearly even existed! The procedure was so quick and easy- I was back at work the next morning and already seeing 100x better. My only regret is that I waited this long to say goodbye to my glasses and squinty eyes and finally start seeing life from a new perspective!”


“I hunt, I fish, and I’m an avid bow hunter, which requires me to be able to see very, very well. By having the surgery done by Dr. Evangelista, it really helped me out a LOT being able to focus and see clearly.

“Being able to sit up in a tree and see an animal 200 yards away without glasses is AWESOME. I’m absolutely glad I did it.”