A Look at the Advantages of Cataract Surgery

Even though cataracts are a common occurrence after you reach a certain age, this is one eye condition that can bring about a lot of concern for the sufferer. With symptoms like clouded and disrupted vision, there is no doubt that you will want to find a solution. In 2015, cataract surgeons performed over three million cataract surgeries. Thanks to a better understanding of cataracts and advancements in medical technology, the surgery is considered to be one of the most common and safest performed.

The primary advantages of cataract surgery include:

  • Short surgical and recovery times
  • Low risks of complications
  • Enhanced visual abilities
  • Enhanced color vision
  • Enhanced ability to see after dark



Cataract surgery patient running with iPhone Cataract surgery patient exercising in red shirt

Picking the Best Time to Opt for Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is often put off until cataracts affect vision to a great extent, but many patients do decide to have surgery sooner. While the final decision is up to you, it is always a good idea to discuss your specific circumstances with your eye doctor. Cataracts themselves are not a threat to your eyes, so just because you have them, it does not mean your eyes or permanent visual abilities are at risk. Therefore, if you choose to wait to have surgery, that is perfectly fine to do.

Schedule an Appointment to Discuss Cataract Surgery

At Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers of Texas, we are here to help patients with cataract concerns. Feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation, examine the progression of your cataracts, and discuss treatment procedures and any risks involved.


What is vision like after cataract surgery? Watch this video: