6 Celebrities You May Not Have Known Had LASIK

April 18th, 2016
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When you turn on the TV, you do not think about what the stars have done to better their careers. Regardless of their stature, no one is entirely exempt from poor vision. Fortunately, LASIK has helped many of the world’s famous celebrities, and athletes achieve near-impossible feats. Take a look at six of the top stars who had LASIK.

All-Star Athletes

Troy Aikman

From NFL star to ESPN commentator, Troy Aikman’s reputation is impressive. Do you ever remember seeing a picture of Troy with glasses? No, that is because he underwent LASIK years ago, and today, Troy can see the teleprompter and highlights of the game with ease.

LeBron James

Would the Cleveland Cavaliers be the same without LeBron? We did not think so either, but LeBron needed vision correction once too. Fortunately, LASIK saved his game, and he does not have to worry about a bulky pair of glasses while paying either.

Rory McIlroy

Golf is built on precision, accuracy, and marksmanship. The great Irish golfer, who undoubtedly sees many more championships in his future, had the LASIK procedure quite recently. In Rory’s words:

“My vision is so sharp. It has to help putting, help me read the lines on the greens, where there is definitely room for improvement. What the doctor said was that it might just be the same vision as you have with your contact lenses when you are far away but close up – 20, 30 metres – is when people notice the sharpness.”

Major Celebrities

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has starred in dozens of movies, and who could forget his role in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” where his character wore glasses periodically? Brad Pitt had the LASIK procedure early in his career, and we can easily assume the tabloid pictures would have been certainly different with him wearing glasses all the time.

Reese Witherspoon

Sweet Home Alabama.” Reese Witherspoon’s role in this movie was fantastic. She went from southern girl to New York fashionista and back, but she never had to change her glasses. Wait. She did not have any glasses then, and we do not recall seeing her with them in public either. We’d bet she appreciates LASIK when studying new scripts too.

Jessica Simpson

In movies, songs, TV shows, and more, Jessica Simpson has built a career on versatility, but her original vision was anything but perfect. Jessica Simpson underwent LASIK, and well, she now has the versatility to enjoy life and her career without fumbling for glasses.

If stars across America are embracing LASIK, why shouldn’t you? Chat now with a LASIK specialist right here, or schedule a consultation today.

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