Dennis Fenton, “The Master Craftsman”

August 3rd, 2017
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“Cataract surgery was life-changing, I can see very clearly now without glasses.”

When Dennis’ wife “beat” him by a significant amount during their ritual shooting outing, it was then that he determined he needed new prescription glasses. He talked it over with his wife, “his guardian angel,” and they both agreed that he should get LASIK. Dennis researched online and went in for a consultation with another local ophthalmologist who concluded that it wasn’t LASIK he needed, it was cataract surgery.

The local doctor told him that his right eye was far worse, so Dennis decided to only have surgery done in that eye. While the surgery went fine, Dennis was not satisfied with the way he was treated at the other local practice, so he knew he did not want to return.

A year after that first cataract surgery, Dennis started to notice significant “fogginess” in his left eye. He was seeing in three different colors. As a woodworker for 25 years, he didn’t know what color he was actually seeing; a skill much needed to master the craft of woodworking.

A co-worker of his wife (an ICU nurse) recommended Dr. Evangelista of Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers in Arlington, TX. Knowing that Dennis’ trade was woodworking, Dr. Evangelista suggested the “One-Drop” Cataract Surgery and LifeStyle Lens Procedure, in particular, the Tecnis Multifocal Lenses. “I very much like Dr. Evangelista,” said Fenton. “He was very relaxing when he talked to me, he never sounded stressed or forced any clinical words on me.”

After meeting with the KE financial counselor, and learning what his bill would be, Dennis was very pleased to know that it was exactly what they initially quoted him. He appreciated the simplicity and transparency of the payment process.

A few weeks after Dennis’ surgery, he and his wife decided to take the “License to Carry” class. During the class, they both had to shoot in order to qualify for their license. Dennis ended up beating his wife by 7 points – he shot 243 out of 250.

“You may not think you are missing a lot until you get cataract surgery done,” said Dennis.

“Cataracts creep up on you. It does not happen overnight, your eyes adjust slowly. I would highly recommend Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers for cataract surgery.”

Experiencing a sudden change in prescription, trouble seeing in low light or halos at night? It might be cataracts. The good news is that, like we did for Dennis, we can help!

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