LASIK and Flex Spending go Hand-in-Hand

November 9th, 2017
piggy bank

Have you considered what you’re going to do with all those hard earned, tax-free dollars you’ve been putting away in your Flex Spending Account (FSA) all year? What do you mean you forgot about it?!

We know you want to end this year free from those dreaded glasses or contacts. At Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers in Arlington, Dallas, Plano, Mount Pleasant and Gun Barrel City, we welcome you and your Flex plan!

It’s time to use it or lose it, and you certainly don’t want to lose it. That’s like throwing money away. Instead, we’ve got a better idea. Use it on a life complete with great vision. Blade-Free LASIK is the perfect answer! We know you’ve got places to go and people to see this holiday season. We want to help make it the best one yet!

When considering LASIK, one of the most intimidating factors can be cost, but we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be intimidating at all. Since LASIK is an elective procedure generally not covered by insurance, your FSA funds are the perfect solution to making it more affordable. Not to mention our financing options that break down the cost of your procedure into simple monthly payments. Everyone deserves to have better vision in their reach and in their budget.

Besides helping you achieve better vision at an affordable cost, we want to give you a special experience you’ll remember for years to come.

When you visit one of our convenient Dallas/Fort Worth (and beyond) locations, you will experience our Center of Excellence. With VIP patient care and advanced technologies, the decision to choose us for five-star eyecare will feel like a no-brainer.

Ready to find out if you’re a LASIK candidate and put those FSA funds to great use? It all starts at your free consultation! Call us at 800-714-2020 or click here to request an appointment online. We can’t wait to meet you!

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