Living Magazine Cover Story: January 2016

January 9th, 2017
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Before the holidays, Living Magazine writer Melissa Gautier, spoke with each of the Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center surgeons to discuss advancements in eye care that have them excited, what made them choose ophthalmology, why they still love it and more. The cover story, “See it. Believe it. Experience it.” from the January 2016 issue is below.

See it. Believe. It. Experience it.

Written by Melissa Gautier, Living Magazine

There is nothing better than seeing clearly for the first time in years. If you or someone you know has cataracts, eye diseases, or needs refractive surgery, clear vision is now a dream come true. Best known for their expertise in LASIK corrective vision and cataract surgery, Kleiman| Evangelista Eye Center provides impeccable surgical expertise and comprehensive care that patients have come to know and trust.

Dr. David Kleiman, founder, head surgeon, and medical director of Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center, has assembled a top-notch team of surgeons that delivers outstanding results when it comes to customized procedures and complete eye care.

Exciting Advancements in Eye Care

“Cataract surgery has improved tremendously since I first started practicing,” Dr. Kleiman said. “It usually required a long recovery period and hospitalization. Now, we’ve progressed to a 10-minute, in-office procedure that only requires a tiny incision to remove the cataract, and the addition of lens implants, and multi-focal lenses, if needed.” Dr. Evangelista added, “The technology is constantly evolving. Our practice has great physicians and state-of-the-art equipment to stay current with that technology.”

The team is excited about a relatively new corneal inlay procedure. “Everybody loses their capacity to see up close once they hit their forties and beyond,” Dr. Evangelista explained. “A device called a corneal inlay is placed within the cornea of just one eye, allowing them to see up close without the need for reading glasses.” Dr. Kleiman added, “We’re one of the few practices in the metroplex that offers this procedure.”

The surgeons and staff at Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center are proud of their concierge care and continue to put patients’ needs first. “I want to treat my patients as if they were family, and find out as much as I can about them,” Dr. Frasier explained. “In doing so, it allows me to choose the best treatment option and lenses for their lifestyle.” This respectful and responsive patient care results in thousands of very satisfied customers.

“It’s a gratifying experience,” Dr. Ramsey said, “To know that I can change someone’s life with a simple procedure.”

Meet the Doctors

David Kleiman, MD

In practice for 34 years, Dr. Kleiman’s experience and expertise in LASIK (Laser Vision Correction,) cataract and corneal surgeries, glaucoma, and strabismus surgeries is extensive. Both Dr. Kleiman and his partner, Dr. Evangelista, share their vision to provide patient-centered care, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, administered by skilled ophthalmology specialists. “Regardless of your visual needs, we are your ‘go-to’ clinic for comprehensive eye care and surgery,” Dr. Kleiman said. “We offer an option for everyone from 18 – 90 years of age,” he said.

“This includes LASIK, corneal inlays, Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome (early cataract) treatment, and multi-focal and specialty lenses.”

Anthony Evangelista, MD

He joined Dr. Kleiman almost 20 years ago, and admits that their shared vision of outstanding patient care by the experienced surgeons with advanced equipment brought them together to start a practice. “Laser-assisted, and no-drop cataract surgeries, as well as corneal inlays and Lifestyle Lenses, are advanced developments in ophthalmology that enhance patients’ eyesight and quality of life,” he said. Dr. Evangelista specializes in LASIK, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, corneal surgery, and strabismus surgery.

Kelly Frasier, MD

“I had laser-corrective surgery in college, which sparked my interest in ophthalmology,” Dr. Frasier explained. “I operated a private practice in Lubbock for eight years prior to joining the Kleiman|Evangelista team.” Dr. Frasier was attracted to the team’s excellent reputation for comprehensive and surgical eye care, and knew that Kleiman|Evangelista would be a perfect place for him to practice.

“I view each patient as a family member, and put their needs and lifestyles first when recommending treatment or lenses,” he said.

Loan Ramsey, MD

Before joining the Kleiman|Evangelista team in 2015, Dr. Ramsey worked in private practice in New York for five years. While there, she earned her Glaucoma Fellowship training at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She loves working at Kleiman|Evangelista because, “Everyone here is happy. We all work well together and we’re a great team.”

Dr. Ramsey specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and performing laser refractive and cataract procedures.

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