Recovering from LASIK Surgery? Here’s What You Can Expect

April 26th, 2017
senior man recovering lasik surgery

LASIK sounds like a scary procedure, but it is actually one of the most performed elective surgeries today. The FDA has declared LASIK safe since 1996, and it has only gotten safer since then. With advents of technology such as wavefront-guided LASIK that can digitally recreate the exact layout of the cornea, more and more people are choosing to improve the quality of their life by choosing LASIK.

As with any surgery, there is an associated recovery period to allow the eyes to heal. Luckily, laser eye surgery is minimally invasive and the recovery time is very short. So, what exactly should you expect after getting LASIK surgery?

After the Surgery

Almost all patients who choose LASIK surgery have immediately improved vision, and most others see improvement within 8 hours.

Immediately following the surgery, don’t expect to go home for at least another 15 minutes. In some circumstances, doctors will release you immediately, but more often than not they will want you to rest, so plan ahead. You also will not be able to drive, so make sure that you have a ride. When they do release you, they will give protective coverings for your eye that you will need to wear while you sleep for the first 7 days, as well as special sunglasses to prevent sun damage. In addition to these items, you will also be given several different types of eye drops. Make sure to carefully follow your doctor’s instructions regarding medications to ensure a speedy and effective recovery.

Depending on your job, you will probably be able to go back the next day. If not, you can go back within the next several days. You will be asked to schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor during this time to ensure your recovery is going well. It could take a few weeks before your doctor gives you permission to return to certain activities. Activities such as running and swimming increase your chance of infection during recovery. Don’t worry if it seems like it’s taking a long time for your eyes to heal. It could take up to 6 months (but most patients are healed after 3!)

Post-surgery Symptoms

Before the surgery, the doctor will administer special drops designed to numb the eye. No pain should be felt during the procedure. Afterwards, it will take about 30 minutes for the drops to wear off. It is normal to experience some discomfort, but it is very important remember not to touch or rub your eyes. During the surgery, a flap is created in your cornea and rubbing or itching your eye can adversely affect the way it heals.

You may become more sensitive to light at the beginning of your recovery process, so make sure to keep a pair of UV resistant sunglasses with you. You may also experience some blurriness. This is a fairly common symptom early on, so don’t worry about the surgery being ineffective. Few patients also have trouble driving at night for the first 3 months, but as with the other symptoms, it will clear up.

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