Sold on the LASIK Experience

October 9th, 2014
Texas Glaucoma eye care patient headshot

Eric Roddy is not selling you on what the LASIK experience could be like.  He’s telling you exactly how it was for him.  The director of sales and marketing for Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers used to wear glasses and contacts.  At a relatively young age, he decided to have the LASIK procedure.

“I was 23 years old, and getting LASIK was the first thing I spent my money on after graduating college,” Roddy said.  “This was the best thing I ever did!”

Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers has a team of LASIK-experienced surgeons who have helped tens of thousands of patients throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  LASIK surgeons use a laser to correct the focal point of your cornea by reshaping the corneal surface. The goal of the procedure is clear vision.

“I was tired of losing my contacts, and my eyes were always dry and red,” Roddy reflected.

If you are nearsighted: The corneal surface is too steep. Eye surgeons use excimer laser remove tissue from the central area of the cornea to correct the focus.

If you are farsighted: The corneal surface is too flat. Eye surgeons use the excimer laser to remove tissue from to periphery of your corneal surface to correct focus.

If you have astigmatism: The corneal surface is more oblong than spherical, like a football compared to a basketball. A LASIK surgeon uses the excimer laser to remove the multiple focal points that are present with astigmatism, and we create one focal point to correct focus.

For those who are hesitant, Roddy offers this motivational wisdom about the LASIK experience, “Just do it!  It’s life changing, and the freedom you feel is unbelievable!”

You’re now free to navigate our website for additional information pertaining to LASIK at Kleiman| Evangelista Eye Center, click here.  Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers has a special promotion for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  To learn more, click here.

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