Things LASIK Could Let You Do

August 10th, 2016
Older cataract surgery patients playing with basketball

You’ve had all the tests and screenings. You’re an ideal candidate. You’ve researched the popular elective procedure and you’ve made up your mind. But even with the most sure decision, you still might be tempted to wonder, “Have I made the right decision?”, “Is this going to work as well as they say it will?”

But soon after the procedure, when you can see clearly for the first time in what feels like forever – without your glasses or contacts – that’s when you’ll know. Yes, LASIK was the right decision. Maybe even the best decision you ever made?

Many individuals who have had LASIK all seem to have one thing in common. No regrets! Finally, they can see clearly first thing in the morning, last thing at night. They don’t have to fuss with contact lenses and all the paraphernalia that goes along with them. They can jump into the pool without a care and enjoy the great outdoors without the need for prescription sunglasses.   

Let’s take a closer look at the things that LASIK has allowed hundreds of thousands of people each year to enjoy doing what they couldn’t do before.

Wake Up and Go!

It’s that simple. Ha! All those “regular” people who can roll over and actually see their alarm clocks first thing in the morning? No reaching through the blur for your glasses or stumbling to the bathroom mirror to put in your contacts. Just wake up and go!

Playing with the Kids is EASY!

Want to shock the kids with your coolness by cannonballing into the pool unexpectedly? Go for it. And remember those darn “I Spy” books and how about “Where’s Waldo?” mocking you with their tiny hidden objects. Not anymore. You could be cuddling up on the couch with your five year old and finding hidden toothpicks and men in red and white striped sweaters like a boss!

Be Spontaneous – No Planning Ahead Needed

A last-minute weekend at the lake for water skiing? No problem. Romantic getaway with your sweetie? Absolutely. No need to make sure you have all your solutions, spare pair and contact lens gear packed. You could be free. Free to pick up and go, any time you want to.

So, are you ready to experience all the freedom that LASIK might bring to your life? Schedule your consultation now.

Note: LASIK results may vary; this is based on various patients’ feedback after having LASIK.

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