Three Reasons NOT to Put off LASIK This Summer

June 29th, 2016
young tired woman rubbing eyes

Studies show that fewer people have laser eye surgery in the summer than in other seasons. The reasons why vary – people’s schedules fill up quickly with vacations, spending time outdoors with friends and families.

But if you think about it, summer may actually be the best time to have laser eye surgery. Here are four compelling reasons to invest in LASIK this summer:

  1. Water, Water and More Water! – Whether it’s serenely swimming in your backyard pool, taking a trip to the local water park with the kids, the annual family beach vacay or snorkeling the reef on a Caribbean vacation, water takes center stage in the summertime. And let’s be frank – try doing any of the above activities in glasses or contacts; it’s not gonna happen. Why miss out on all the water fun? Schedule your LASIK procedure and dive right in; the water is great.
  2. Travel with More Ease – Summer goes with vacations like milk goes with cookies. With the kids out of school, most American families have at least one if not more trips planned during the summer months. Traveling can be burdensome when you have to remember your contact lens solutions, glasses, prescription sunglasses, reading glasses…the list goes on and on. Ever had your contact lens solution confiscated by TSA? Or how about a spillage of said solution because you had to stow it in your luggage? Have LASIK this summer and you might just be able to toss out all the stuff you used to need. FREEDOM!
  3. Travel in Style – Everyone knows there are waaaaay more choices in sunglasses – ranging from trendy and fun to elegant designer frames – when you don’t have to have prescription sunglasses. Open up your options to any sunglasses you want!

Make your trips to the beach and pool more convenient. Take that dream trip without any worries about forgetting your contacts or glasses.  Buy those cute sunglasses you saw in the store.  Investing in LASIK could make your summer activities so much easier, and you can do it in style too. To schedule your LASIK consultation, give us a call at 800.714.2020 or click here.

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