What to Expect in Your LASIK Surgery Consultation

August 24th, 2021
lasik surgery consultation in dallas

Are considering taking the leap with LASIK eye surgery, but a little nervous about where to begin? Setting up a free LASIK consultation is the first step to getting your questions answered and easing your worries about this procedure. Our eye doctors in the greater Dallas area will help you better understand the LASIK surgery and recovery process and confirm whether you’re a candidate all in one appointment.

Continue reading to see what you can expect at your LASIK consultation meeting.

Comprehensive Eye Testing

Your consultation will begin with comprehensive testing to ensure LASIK is right for you. We use WaveScan and Pentacam technologies to assess your eye health and build a “map” of your eye.

We will use the Pentacam scanner to photograph your cornea and reveal its distinct shape, structure, and thickness. This information helps your surgeon decide the safest and most effective treatment option for you.

After completing these exams, our technician will then dilate your pupils to prepare for an eye exam by one of optometrists.

Learning About LASIK Surgery

While we wait for your pupils to dilate, you will have a short discussion with a LASIK specialist. They will provide a fully animated demonstration on the LASIK eye surgery procedure and give you a tour of our surgery center so that you can become acquainted with our facilities.

We want you to feel comfortable and familiar when you come in on the day of your surgery.

LASIK Eye Exam with an Optometrist

The next step of your LASIK consultation involves a meeting with one of the experts in cataract and LASIK surgery in Dallas. The optometrist will review the results of your earlier WaveScan and Pentacam tests and perform a full eye exam to confirm your eye health.

It’s important to know your medical history, past eye injuries, surgeries, and other issues, so your eye doctor can create a complete assessment. All this information will help your surgeon determine whether LASIK surgery is the right option for you or if you might benefit more from one of our LASIK alternatives.

Meet Your LASIK Surgeon

Congratulations! You’re a LASIK candidate. You will now meet with the surgeon that will perform your procedure. They will discuss the surgery and everything you need to know about LASIK surgery recovery to make sure you feel comfortable and confident. This is also the perfect time to ask any remaining questions you have regarding your surgery and aftercare.

Scheduling Your LASIK Procedure

The last step is getting your LASIK surgery scheduled. Our skilled staff will help you determine a day that works. Because LASIK is such a quick procedure, you don’t have to worry about taking weeks off work—just a few days. We will also discuss all the payment options available to you.

Get Started Today

Better vision is just around the corner, and the surgeons at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers are excited to help you achieve your dreams of a glasses-free lifestyle. Give us a call or schedule your free LASIK consultation online today to get started on the road to perfect vision.