What’s Involved in Getting LASIK?

March 31st, 2016
woman getting eye surgery

LASIK is widely considered to be the most effective form of permanent vision correction. Many know what it is, but few really understand it. This misunderstanding leads to misconception, and the misconceptions lead to fear of undergoing the procedure. The reality is, however, LASIK is fairly simple. Here’s the process to getting LASIK:

Getting LASIK Process

The LASIK Consultation

This is the first and arguably the most important step of the process. It takes about 1.5-2 hours and is a series of eye tests to determine if your vision and eye anatomy are a good fit for LASIK. The majority of the tests are ones you’ve almost surely done before – “can you read the bottom line,” the hot air balloon plus puff of air and so on.

There is a second set of tests that are unique to the LASIK consultation that measures your corneal shape and thickness to create a “road map” for surgery and a meeting with a LASIK counselor to set expectations and get your questions answered.

Learn more about the consultation here.

Once you’ve completed the consultation, your surgeon will then make a recommendation based on the summary of all tests, medical history and conversations with your counselor. If you are deemed a candidate, the next step is to schedule surgery!

The LASIK Procedure

The procedure is performed entirely in the LASIK suite (which you will get to tour at your consultation), NOT in a hospital. At Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center’s Dallas, Plano and Arlington locations, the suite is surrounded by windows so that your friends and family can watch as your surgeon performs the procedure. It takes just minutes!

You are given numbing drops so all you feel is a slight pressure. You’ll be awake, and your surgeon will walk you through the entire process. Don’t worry, they’ll give you a mild sedative to calm your jitters and let you hold their teddy bear if you want.

There are no stitches or patches; your eyes will heal on their own. Once you’re done, you get a quick post-op eye check and a “how are you feeling?” to be sure you’re good to go. Many patients have reported they can already see an improvement in vision as soon as they stand up.

Once you’re all done, you’ll be sent home to take a good, long nap to rest your eyes so they can begin the natural healing process.

The LASIK Recovery

You’ll be given detailed post-op instructions that involve following a simple drop regimen, not rubbing your eyes, staying out of the swimming pool for a few days and keeping your eyes lubricated. The majority of healing happens within the first week and most patients who undergo LASIK return to work and normal activities the very next day…with better vision!

LASIK technologies have made great strides since their introduction in the 1990’s, and more people than ever are considering LASIK over glasses and contacts to correct their vision. To find out if you are a candidate for LASIK, click here, call 800-714-2020, or chat live with a vision expert now to get your questions answered.

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