More than Having my Cataract Corrected, I Found Freedom!

April 3rd, 2017

If you’ve worn glasses for your entire life, then acquiring great vision and being free from the burden of glasses and contacts at age 70 is a BIG DEAL. Just ask Jeri Rudisill of Whitney, Texas. 

Jeri has been in glasses for as long as she can remember and has worn them, or contact lenses, for her entire life. A retired accountant, Jeri had just accepted that glasses would likely be a part of her life forever.

But when she was told by her optometrist that she had a cataract and would need surgery to correct it, the next conversation was about the option of replacing her cloudy lens with a LifeStyle Lens.

What’s a LifeStyle Lens? Great question!

As opposed to replacing a cloudy lens (cataract) with a clear lens, as in the case of basic cataract surgery, today, surgeons can replace it with a LifeStyle Lens to correct all kinds of other vision issues.

With LifeStyle Lenses, cataract surgeons are able to customize each procedure to each patient’s individual vision needs and active lifestyles.

“Everything is so much better without glasses,” said Jeri, who opted for the ReSTOR® Lens +2.5, a corrective lens designed for patients with an active lifestyle who also spend time at the computer or enjoy reading. “A simple thing such as being able to read the labels on the products in the shower rather than just knowing them by size and color. It is just amazing!”

cataract surgery plano

Jeri had her cataract procedure with Dr. Kelly Frasier at Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center in February of 2017, the left eye first and the right eye about a week later. “Even after only the first eye was complete, I knew we’d made the right call on the ReSTOR® lens,” she said. “I would do it again in a heartbeat. The thrill of not having to wear glasses has not worn off yet and my vision is still improving!”

Jeri explained that she experienced no pain and very little discomfort during and after her procedure. As she was a candidate for the dropless cataract procedure, her post-op routine is greatly simplified.

“Everyone at Kleiman|Evangelista was so great and friendly and helpful,” she said. “I am grateful to be able to share my experience so others will be encouraged to improve their quality of life, too.”

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