4 Not So Well-Known Benefits of LASIK

May 4th, 2016
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More than 700,000 LASIK procedures are performed in the U.S. each year. The procedure is much safer today than throughout history, and it is considered one of the only forms of long-term vision correction. The obvious benefit of LASIK is to be able to see clearly without glasses or contacts, but there are also some not-so-well-known benefits of LASIK.

1. Increased Peripheral Vision.

For some, LASIK may improve peripheral vision. You use peripheral vision when you see objects coming up to your left or right. Peripheral vision may be diminished if you have nearsightedness or farsightedness. When LASIK corrects the light that enters your eyes from the front, it may fix the light that enters your eyes from the sides, too!

2. Better Night Vision.

Poor night vision can happen for a variety of reasons, including eyestrain, cataract formation and more. With age, night vision may become gradually worse, limiting your ability to see in low-light situations. LASIK helps the eyes focus light, which reduces glare, thus improving night vision. LASIK may allow you to enjoy the early morning commute and nightlife again!

3. Alleviates Some Allergy Symptoms.

Allergies are a pain! They can cause dry, itchy or watery eyes, and the sneezing never seems to stop. Glasses and contacts can trap allergens in the space close to your eyes, which makes your symptoms worse. Some who wear contacts may switch to glasses exclusively during the spring for this reason. However, undergoing LASIK may be able to help reduce allergy symptoms by allowing your eyes to get plenty of fresh oxygen and nutrients.

4. See More Lines of Sight.

A line of sight is how well you can see directly in front of you. When you wear glasses, you become accustomed to only seeing through the frames. You may gain additional lines of sight with contacts, but not without other contacts-induced issues. LASIK may correct these issues across the cornea, promoting full use of your field of vision.

Modern LASIK procedures are nothing like their antiquated predecessors. They are much safer, and their benefits go beyond just simple vision correction. Chat now with one of our eye experts to discuss if LASIK is right for you, and get control of your life (and eyes) back by booking a free consultation!

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