Choosing an Eye Surgeon Is Like Finding a Soul Mate

February 9th, 2015
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Chemistry is one of those strange and wonderful mysteries in life. It’s hard to define, but you know when you share it with another person—whether it’s your better half, your best friend or your doctor. While Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers boasts a spacious state-of-the-art facility and the most advanced laser technologies available, most patients are likely to tell you they wouldn’t go anywhere else because of its people—specifically its founders, David Kleiman, M.D. and Anthony Evangelista, M.D.

After all, if you don’t feel comfortable with the physician entrusted to care for your eyes, you should find someone else! No one endorses this philosophy more passionately than Dr. Kleiman and Dr. Evangelista.

“More than anything, we are focused on creating a patient experience that is second to none,” Dr. Kleiman said. “We’ve got an unbelievable staff that always puts our patients first. Every one of our doctors has an excellent bedside manner, is patient, and takes the time to explain each procedure in a way that takes away fear. By the time they finish their eye exams, our patients have a better understanding of their vision issues and what we can do to help them. In fact, we often hear from our patients: ‘That was the best, most extensive eye exam I’ve ever had in my life. Everybody here is so nice. The doctor was great, and I really feel a lot better about this surgery—I’ve been worrying about it for a long time.’”

Dr. Evangelista agreed. “We really care for our patients. It’s all about being thorough, compassionate and friendly. These are the qualities around which we center our practice—qualities that help us provide the best care to each of our patients.”

Earning our patients’ trust

At Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, exemplary patient care is built on the vital trust between patient and doctor. A trust that reflects:

• We have committed the time and energy to become highly skilled vision specialists and surgeons.

• We are fully up-to-date on the most current research and treatments in vision care.

• We invest in the latest, leading-edge technologies to ensure the safety of our patients and deliver the best possible outcomes.

• We will only recommend the treatment options that are suited for each patient’s unique vision needs.

• We do it all for one reason—to enrich the quality of life for our patients.

“One of the biggest concerns of every patient is simply the fear of the unknown,” Dr. Evangelista noted. “Whether it’s sitting in a waiting room wondering when you’re going to be called back, sitting in an exam room waiting for the doctor, waiting for test results or not knowing whether you need surgery—all of these unknowns can cause a great deal of stress and discomfort. I think one of our greatest strengths is that we recognize and make accommodations for those anxieties.”

As a result, the new Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers is a comfortable environment designed to eliminate wait times and keep patients fully informed throughout the process.

“We’ve incorporated proprietary patient-centric technology into the center to empower our patients. Now they can know where they are during each step of their clinic visit, and what’s going to happen next. It’s something that few other practices have done,” Dr. Evangelista explained.



Technology and a human touch

Of course, Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers has a long history of making state-of-the art technologies available to its patients. As leaders in Blade-Free LASIK, as well as customized laser surgery for cataracts and glaucoma, they were among the first to adopt the LifeStyle Lens implants (multifocal lenses). Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers was also in the first 50 practices in the country to adopt the LenSx laser for cataract surgery. These technologies were specifically chosen by this team of surgeons to improve patient safety and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Still, when it comes to choosing an eye surgeon, the human factor trumps virtually every other consideration. “I really think the final decision comes down to whether they like the doctor and are comfortable with that individual,” Cyndi Miller said.  She is, founder and chief executive officer of Miller Public Relations.

Ms. Miller understands why Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers enjoys such success in vision correction. “The most important things for patients are the skill, experience and compassion of the surgeon. Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers is legendary for their exceptional patient care—from the first consultation to the final post-op checkup. Patients are treated according to their unique vision needs. It’s the reason they have the most successful patient ambassadorial program in the nation. So many happy patients, family members and friends are eager to recommend Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers to others because they’ve had such a great experience.”

Discover the legendary patient care that has made Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers the trusted choice for individuals just like you. Schedule a consultation now.

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