Life After The Corneal Inlay Procedure: 5 Simple Pleasures

March 2nd, 2016
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On April 29, 2015, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first corneal inlay procedure to improve presbyopia for age-related loss of near vision. This small, pin-holed, in-office implant may not seem like an improvement, but a corneal inlay may be able to help reduce or eliminate your dependence on that old pair of reading glasses you always seem to need. Take a look at how a corneal inlay can give you your life back.

1. Read the Tiny Print in Contracts and on Medicine Bottles.

With age, things change, and you may need to take medication for high blood pressure, your heart, or for pain. A corneal inlay can make reading the small, cautious warning on medicine bottles and specific clauses of contracts easier and faster.

2. Look at Pictures of Family Members, and Finally Figure Out Your Smartphone.

Face it; most of today’s pictures are on the Internet or a family member’s smartphone. Since the screen is not much bigger than a 2-inch by 3-inch photo, a corneal inlay could make using and viewing these devices easier.

3. Attend Business Meetings Without Fumbling For Reading Glasses.

If time really is money, how much money have you lost when digging for your readers during a business meeting? Imagine sitting down to review the details of business without this hassle. It could also make you more productive, and you won’t have to worry as much about getting new readers every year.

4. Help Your Children With Their Homework.

Spending time with your children is priceless, and think of how nice it would be to help with homework without having to find your readers. If you’re working on a school project with your children, you could shop for supplies easier when you can see the small print of price tags.

5. Enjoy Reading the Newspaper Without the Glare From Your Readers.

Have you ever been reading the newspaper in the sun when you suddenly cannot see from the blinding glare on your reading glasses? Plus, it would be nice to read the newspaper without getting distracted by the dancing reflection of your reading glasses on the kitchen wall.

Improving your near vision with the Corneal Inlay Procedure can make significant changes in your life, and you can live without being tied to the pair of reading glasses in your pocket. For more information about the Corneal Inlay Procedure, call us, schedule a consultation, or chat with us live, right here online.

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