Does LASIK Last Forever?

February 15th, 2016
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Since its inception, LASIK has increased in popularity and ability to improve vision. In most cases, LASIK is referred to as permanent vision correction. However, LASIK vision correction does not necessarily mean that you will never need glasses or another LASIK session.


How Long Does LASIK Last?

LASIK changes the physical shape of the cornea permanently, and this why LASIK is considered a permanent treatment. In several studies, reports All About Vision, the regression incidence of vision clarity and sharpness was minimal for patients at 18 years after the procedure. In other words, the need for another LASIK treatment after many years was less than 10 percent.

Is Retreatment Required?

Some patients may require another LASIK session, referred to as “retreatment.” More than 90 percent of LASIK vision correction patients have between 20/20 and 20/40 vision without glasses or contacts. However, those who do not achieve this level of satisfaction may opt for retreatment to fine-tune vision correction. For many, retreatment is not considered to be necessary.

Why Would a Retreatment Be Necessary?

The eyes do not stop aging after LASIK. Over time, the eyes may change in shape, quality, or clarity, such as the age-related development of presbyopia or cataracts, and another vision correction procedure may be necessary. Additionally, the original calculation of what changes to the cornea will improve vision the best may have been over- or under-estimated. As a result, a second session may be necessary to further improve vision. Injuries, accidents, metabolic disorders or other surgeries to the eye may also result in the need for another LASIK session.

Is a Retreatment Covered in the Cost of the Original Surgery?

Depending on when original LASIK is performed, you may or may not be able to receive a no cost or reduced cost on LASIK retreatment. For example, LASIK retreatment after 15 years for the treatment of an age-related change in sight would not likely be covered. In fact, this type of age-related change in sight, known as presbyopia, cannot be corrected with LASIK. However, another option, the Corneal Inlay Procedure, may be able to help or even the Lifestyle Lens.

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