Focus On The New Corneal Inlay Procedure

October 19th, 2015
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Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers was featured on CBS DFW in Focus On Health. Anthony Evangelista, M.D. discussed one of the newest procedures in ophthalmology, The Corneal Inlay. For anyone who is age 40 and older wearing reading glasses or finding it challenging to read, then you will want to watch this feature.

Brenda Teele: Welcome to Focus on Health. I’m Brenda Teele. If you rely on reading glasses, every time you try to read something up close, stay right where you are. Joining us now is Dr. Anthony Evangelista, with Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, to explain the changes that our eyes undergo as we age. Can we not turn back the clock here?

Dr. Anthony: Unfortunately, Brenda, we can’t. As time goes on, once we get into our forties and beyond, it’s inevitable that we tend to lose our ability to focus up close. It’s a condition we call presbyopia. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent presbyopia from occurring, and so most patients will have to use reading glasses to help with focusing up close. Nowadays, we have a new procedure called the corneal inlay that can help reduce a patient’s need for those reading glasses.

Brenda: All right, how does that work? What is corneal inlay?

Dr. Anthony: The corneal inlay is a great new procedure. What it is is the small disk that we place within the cornea, much like what we do with lasik surgery. In that disk there’s a small opening that increases a patient’s depth of focus, so it allows them to see up close without the need for reading glasses. The neat thing as well is it’s such a small inlay that the patient can still see around that, and preserve their distance vision, so they get the best of both worlds.

Brenda: Is it a simple procedure?

Dr. Anthony: It’s a very simple procedure. Usually only takes about five to ten minutes.

Brenda: Okay. I get the best of both worlds as a result. I don’t have to reach for those glasses anymore.

Dr. Anthony: There you go.

Brenda: Thank you so much, doctor, for joining us. Now, if you’re frustrated, also, reaching for those reading glasses, and would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, call Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, 1-800-714-2020, or you can learn more at

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