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February 17th, 2015
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As much as you may love your optometrist, chances are there will come a day when he or she will need to refer you to a vision specialist—whether it’s for LASIK surgery or even precision laser procedure to correct cataracts. In North Texas, the Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers has emerged as the preferred choice among hundreds of discerning eye doctors for one reason—their reputation for extraordinary patient care.

As the founder and chief executive officer of Miller Public Relations, Cyndi Miller knows a stellar professional reputation is hard won. “It speaks volumes that so many eye doctors refer their patients with confidence to the Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers,” she said. “Dr. David Kleiman and Dr. Anthony Evangelista reaffirm their exemplary reputation with each and every patient they treat.”

Seeing is Believing

We’re very fortunate and excited to have great professional relationships with eye care providers across North Texas,” Dr. Evangelista admitted. “They know the patients they refer to us will be well cared for because they’ve visited our facility. They’ve seen first-hand how we take care of their patients. They know all of the surgeons here are highly skilled, and they’ve seen the technology we use and understand the advantages it offers their patients.”

Since its beginning, Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers has been committed to providing patients with precision, state-of-the-art technologies. These include Blade-Free LASIK, LenSx Laser technology for cataracts, LifeStyle Lens Procedures and the VERION Image Guided System for customized laser-based cataract surgery.

“There is a small minority of licensed ophthalmologists who have the equipment and technology that we use,” Dr Kleiman said. “Our colleagues know our technology and surgical expertise are instrumental in providing their patients with better outcomes and faster recoveries.”

Vote of Confidence

“I highly recommend Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers because I know my patients are in good hands,” Anh Trinh, O.D., said. “My patients always report that the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and that it was an enjoyable visit.”

This vote of professional confidence is never taken for granted. Everyone at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers appreciates that every referral is an honor. “Ultimately, we want to make sure patients have a great experience because we understand that our performance reflects on the doctor who referred them to us,” Dr. Evangelista said. “The physician-patient relationship is based on trust. We want to do our part to preserve that relationship by being respectful of our referring physicians and their patients.”

The Two Cs

Communication with the co-managing doctor plays a key role in preserving that trust.

“The doctors with whom we collaborate want to be part of the process. They don’t want to simply hand off their patients, hear nothing about their results and never see their patient again,” Dr. Kleiman explained. “I think the reason so many doctors refer their patients to us is because we communicate with them. We keep them involved in the process. We have medical records and tracking systems to make sure patients are referred back to their doctors. Our referring optometrists can actually track their patients from their computer if they choose simply by logging into our website.”

Mark Welding, O.D., appreciates being kept in the loop. “The Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers team is so easy to work with,” he said. “It’s a seamless process for my patients and me.”

Patients First…Always

Dr. Kleiman believes this close collaboration creates a win-win situation for everyone involved, but most importantly, for patients. “We manage patients from the surgical aspect, and then return them to their trusted eye doctor who they’ve been seeing for years, so they can continue their postoperative care with them. It’s just been a fantastic working relationship,” he said.

Whether you are an optometrist or patient, trust the compassionate and skilled surgeons at the brand new Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, located at 350 East I-20, Arlington, Texas 76018.

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