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October 9th, 2013
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News reporters and/or variety show celebrities are constantly looking for THE story. They will use any means – any subject, including scare tactics, to boost their ratings and keep viewers tuned to their show. Dr. Oz’s recent story on Lasik evidently is no exception. In fact, this show went as far as portraying LASIK as a dangerous procedure that doesn’t work.

David Kleiman, M.D., founder of Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, discusses the importance of the pre-operative evaluation in relation to a patient’s successful outcome:

Lasik is a relatively easy surgery to perform. Yet it is still a serious surgery that has inherent risks and potential for complications. Today’s successful Lasik procedure is greatly dependent on an accurate, detailed preoperative evaluation.

Using the most advanced technology and equipment is only a part of the equation. The surgeon performing the procedure must factor in every aspect of the patient’s ocular health including the health of the retina, cornea and other structures of the eye.

It is imperative that the surgeon evaluates any other ocular or systemic health conditions that may lead to complications related to Lasik surgery, such as dry eye and poor night vision. I also believe that the lifestyle and postoperative goals of the patient help me to guide them to a proper and informed decision.”

Anthony Evangelista, M.D., partner surgeon at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, has not only performed lasik for thousands of happy patients, he’s also had Lasik himself. He explains his personal experience:

“I had Lasik surgery in 1999. The technology available at that time was basically two excimer lasers originally approved by the FDA in 1995 and the microkeratome (“the blade”) to make a corneal flap.

My contact lens prescription was about -5.50 in each eye, very nearsighted. Even though I knew that better Lasik technology was on the way in the future, I was so confident in the procedure that I didn’t want to wait.

Now, at the age of 48, I have enjoyed 14 years of fantastic distance vision without the need for glasses or contacts. Granted, I may need some help with reading glasses for near vision, but that is to be expected and a very important point for a patient over 40 to discuss with their surgeon. And by the way, we are working on that problem – stay tuned!”

Dr. Evangelista further discusses the conservative team approach at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers:

“In our practice, 20-25 percent of patients who come in for consideration of Lasik are not considered viable candidates due to a variety of reasons. Before we will medically clear a patient for Lasik, the patient must meet our strict criteria for candidacy.

We also pride ourselves on what we call the Kleiman Evangelista Team Approach. We have four surgeons in our practice certified in Lasik surgery. If there is a person who may be a questionable candidate for Lasik surgery for any particular reason, all four surgeons will review their case to determine if he or she is an ideal Lasik candidate or if there might be better refractive surgery alternatives.

What is important to note is that some patients are not ideal candidates for any type of refractive surgery. Although some doctors may perform Lasik on less-than-ideal candidates, we are not willing to take such risks on behalf of our patient population.”

Every patient of Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers goes through a thorough screening and evaluation process, including an extensive physician consultation with complete preoperative and postoperative Lasik instructions. These patients are thoroughly educated and fully informed on the risks and benefits.

Although extremely rare in Lasik, as with any surgical procedure, complications may occur, including night glare and dry eyes. Physicians, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have worked for many years to address any and all potential risks as well as reduce the possible side effects that may accompany Lasik. Also, the addition of the newest lasers and technologies help reduce these potential risk factors even more. These are the technologies utilized at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers.

Considering the overwhelming majority of Lasik procedures performed today are highly successful, the Dr. Oz show foregoes the truth about Lasik in general.  The show minimizes the successes and blatantly misrepresents the statistics by stating Lasik does not work, that a significant number of patients revert back to their pre-Lasik vision and that most patients develop dry eye. Having performed tens of thousands of Lasik procedures to date, our surgeons have the experience to determine who is an appropriate refractive surgery candidate to assure the best outcome possible while reducing the risk of an unsatisfactory outcome.

We invite you to come to our office for a complimentary screening and thorough evaluation appointment. Learn why countless physicians and their families, optometrists, community leaders, professional athletes, and tens of thousands more have selected Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers for their vision correction procedures. Learn more about Lasik and the many other vision correction procedures performed at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers at LASIK Surgery.

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