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January 5th, 2015
Breakthrough Technology in Eye Care

Your eyes are often called the “windows” to your soul. They are definitely your “windows” to every waking moment life offers you. So when your eyes no longer see as clearly as they once did, your quality of life is affected in many ways. It may be more difficult to read and drive. Your golf game may not be up to par. The sweet faces of your grandkids may look a little fuzzy. David Kleiman, M.D. and Anthony Evangelista, M.D., don’t want that! They have been helping people just like you see more clearly for decades.

Your eyes are the inspiration behind the new Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers. With state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly skilled surgeons now under one roof, the new center demonstrates why there has never been a better time for patients considering Blade-Free LASIK, customized laser surgery for cataracts or other vision treatments.

“The changes that have evolved over the past 10 years are phenomenal,” Dr. Kleiman said. “Now we have instrumentation to calculate lens implant powers, evaluate retinas and multiple laser-line procedures. The advancements not only shorten surgery and recovery times, they deliver amazing visual outcomes for our patients.”

Customized Cataract Surgery

Today, cataract surgery—the most commonly performed surgery in the world—is a five- to 10-minute procedure that changes lives every day. Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers has been at the forefront, and was among the first 50 practices in the United States to offer the LenSx technology for laser-based cataract surgery. Parts of cataract surgery that were once performed by hand can now be completed with a laser—making the procedure more precise and safer for patients.

Still, Dr. Evangelista remembers it wasn’t too long ago that cataract patients often had to cope with nearsightedness, farsightedness or an astigmatism following their surgery.

“Today, when we perform cataract surgery, we also perform refractive surgery at the same time. By doing so, we reduce a patient’s need for glasses or contacts and optimize their vision,” Dr. Evangelista said. “More importantly, we tailor the outcome to each individual. Before surgery, we spend time talking with each patient to learn about what they do for work, their hobbies and their goals post surgery. We then personalize the treatment plan to best fit their goals and their lifestyles. By selecting the most appropriate intraocular lens implants—known at Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center as LifeStyle lenses—we can potentially reduce and maybe even eliminate the need for glasses or contacts.”

The Laser Revolution

“We’ve also just adopted a new technology device—the Verion Image Guided System,” Dr. Evangelista added. “It allows us to make even more precise measurements on a patient’s eyes prior to cataract surgery and check the accuracy of our results afterward. So even as well as we were performing cataract surgery just a few years ago, we’ve gotten even better and made the procedure even safer for our patients.”

LASIK, first introduced 18 years ago, has also benefited from recent advancements. “The lasers have gotten so precise that, in some cases, we are now able to improve the quality of vision so much that patients see better than they would with contact lenses,” Kleiman noted.

Finding the best solutions for patients is always top of mind for Dr. Kleiman and Dr. Evangelista. Their commitment to staying abreast of developments in vision restoration, investing in new technology and dedicating the time necessary to develop expertise in the use and application of new technology sets Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers apart from other eye care providers.

Putting Patients First

In fact, many eye surgeons never adopt the newest technology, and seem content to perform surgery the same way they did when they first completed medical school 20 years ago. “My father was a urologist, and he told me, ‘Never cheat yourself on the tools of your trade. When it comes to the things you use to do your job, have the finest and the best and the newest and the most advanced. Your patients deserve it.’” Dr. Kleiman remembered.

Patients will definitely be treated with this level of care at the new 28,000 square-foot Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers. A third of the new facility is occupied by a surgery center. Four spacious operating suites will allow multiple surgeons to operate on the same day—giving patients greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling procedures on days that are most convenient for them.

While the state-of-the-art surgical center is a key component of the exemplary patient care patients experience at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, the heart of the practice is always the doctor-patient relationship.

“It’s so rewarding to come in every day and take care of patients. It’s amazing to be able to make people happy, to improve their vision, and, in some cases, restore the sight of someone who literally could be blind and give them a new life,” Dr. Evangelista said.

Patients can discover first hand why there has never been a better time to entrust their eyes to the compassionate and skilled surgeons at the brand new Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, located at 350 East I-20, Arlington, Texas 76018.

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