Why Summer is the Best Time for LASIK Surgery

July 19th, 2021
summer lasik surgery in texas

There’s so much to look forward to during the summer from family vacations to sunny days outdoors — and you want to see it all clearly. LASIK surgery in the greater Dallas area offers a solution for you to easily enjoy all that this season has to offer, free of the burden of glasses and contacts.

If you’re considering LASIK surgery, there’s no better time than the summer to undergo this procedure.


Glasses and contacts are the most common visual aids for refractive errors. While they feel reliable, they may not withstand the impact of summer. Glasses tend to fog, fall off, get misplaced, and break. Similarly, contacts easily fall out, tear, dry out, and become contaminated.
LASIK surgery is a quick and relatively painless procedure that provides complete freedom from corrective eyewear for most patients. The LASIK surgery recovery period lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, allowing you to get back to what you love. Plus, it has even more perks when you get LASIK during the summer.

1. Swim Freely

Whether you enjoy the pool, lake, or beach, swimming is a summer staple. You want to enjoy the scenery in a natural and comfortable way. After your healing period, you’ll be able to dive in and open your eyes underwater without losing a contact or your glasses.

2. Play Harder

From hiking and biking to summer sports camps, you probably stay active during the summer. Glasses can easily get in the way and break during most contact sports and even individual activities. By fixing your sight with LASIK surgery, you can see more precisely and play harder.

3. Travel Easily

You almost always forget something when you’re packing for a trip. With extra items like contact solution, glasses case, prescription sunglasses, and extra contact lenses, you’re bound to leave something you need behind. Then, you must replace it on the road or live without your best vision.
LASIK surgery cuts down on all the things you need to remember and carry along with you during your summer vacations.

4. More Time for LASIK Surgery Recovery

If you’re a college student or teacher, summer break is the perfect time to get LASIK surgery. You have ample time to recover without needing to take time off from school or work.
Work schedules also become a bit more lenient in the summer as the kids are home from school and vacation time is the norm. Taking a few days off to heal is a bit easier than during some of the busier times of the business year.

5. Easier to Schedule

With everyone leaving town, our offices can offer a little more flexibility, meaning you can get your LASIK surgery scheduled and completed sooner than other times of the year.

Before we enter the fast-paced, holiday-filled second half of the year, get your vision squared away. At Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, our eye doctors in Dallas use the most advanced laser technology to deliver crisp, individualized results that heal quickly. Schedule your free consultation to determine if this summer is the right time for your LASIK procedure.