How to Deal with Fogged Glasses

November 11th, 2020
Man wiping fogged glasses caused from wearing a mask.

As someone who wears glasses daily, you’re probably used to your lenses fogging up when you open the oven door or take the lid off a steaming pot – or even when you step out of your warm car on a brisk winter evening. In these unprecedented times of wearing face masks in public, fogged glasses are more common – and more annoying – than ever.

But why do your glasses fog up, and how can LASIK surgery prevent it from happening? Continue reading for the solution to fogging glasses from the top eye doctors in greater Dallas.

Why Do Your Glasses Keep Fogging Up?

It’s simple. The warm air hitting your cool lenses causes condensation or fog. When wearing a mask, your breath escapes from the top edge onto the inside of your glasses to cause this fogging effect.

More than being annoying, fogged glasses can negatively affect you in a few ways:

  • It fully obstructs your view, which can be especially dangerous while driving or working in high-pressure areas.
  • In situations like COVID-19, where doctors and scientists advise you not to touch your face, fogged lenses increase your need to touch the areas around your eyes when removing, cleaning, and adjusting your glasses.

How to Prevent Your Glasses from Fogging

With a quick Google search, you’ll probably find several hacks to prevent foggy glasses ranging from shaving cream and toothpaste to water repellent and soap. While these solutions may offer temporary clarity, they may also cause more damage to your eyewear and remove the protective coating on your lenses.

Here are some more practical tips for decreasing the fog:

1. Use a Mask with an Adjustable Nosepiece

A face cover with an adjustable nosepiece allows you to tighten the fabric around the top of your mask and prevent as much warm air from escaping.

2. Try Anti-Fog Solution

Products specially crafted to coat glasses are safe for your lenses and can keep them clear longer than usual.

Get LASIK eye surgery!

The best and most permanent solution, LASIK removes your need for glasses and, therefore, completely stops the fog. Plus, you won’t need to worry about touching your face to adjust your eyewear or insert contacts. LASIK surgery is a quick procedure with a fast recovery time that delivers clear vision and allows you to more easily participate in adventurous activities that don’t always allow corrective wear.

Because of their ability to slow the spread of infectious disease, masks may be around for a while. And even after they’re phased out, your glasses will still fog up in plenty of everyday situations. Permanent solutions to these daily annoyances, like LASIK surgery, can help you see all of life’s moments easily and clearly.

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