Top Five LASIK Benefits

April 19th, 2013
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People considering eye surgery often ask about LASIK benefits beyond eliminating glasses or contact lenses.  Although the majority of patients look into LASIK so they no longer need corrective lenses, there are several other benefits to consulting with a Dallas LASIK eye surgeon at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers.

Better Vision

The primary LASIK benefit is that 95 percent of patients who undergo the procedure achieve 20/40 vision, the vast majority of those achieving 20/20 vision or better.  Although each patient is different, the statistics show that a significant number of those who undergo LASIK surgery significantly improve their vision, and the results are permanent.  (Some patients will need reading glasses as they age due to normal vision changes that occur in the aging process, as LASIK surgery does not correct those types of issues.)

Quick Recovery

Another LASIK benefit is the quick recovery after the procedure.  Patients cannot drive immediately after LASIK surgery, but most patients return to normal schedules as soon as the day after the procedure.  In addition, results are often immediate, so many patients return to normal activity the next day without the need for glasses or contacts.

Safe and Quick Procedure 

LASIK surgery is performed quickly, and because Dallas LASIK eye surgeons at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers use blade-free methods, which they have found to be more accurate, the procedure is considered by many to be one of the safest surgeries performed today.  The entire procedure takes just a matter of minutes, making this another LASIK benefit.

Money Saving

One LASIK benefit that is often not considered is that the procedure saves money in the long run.  Contacts and glasses usually need to be replaced annually, and at costs of $750 or more, the total spent for corrective lenses can reach into the tens of thousands during a patient’s lifetime.  LASIK has become more affordable over the last decade, as new technologies are developed, making it more economical to invest in LASIK surgery than continue to expend money for new glasses or contacts each year.

Life Changing

Many Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers patients say that the best LASIK benefit is the life changes it creates for them.  Patients often say they gain confidence, and many indicate they are able to participate in many recreational activities they were unable to do before because of their need for glasses or contacts.

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