My LASIK Questions – Experience?

October 17th, 2013
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This is the second post in a series of “Five Important Questions To Ask Your LASIK surgeon.” To have your questions answered by one of Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center’s friendly patient counselors, simply dial 1-800-714-2020 or click this link to schedule an appointment online. Go here to read the first post in the series. 


Every day, we speak with people from around the Metroplex (and sometimes around the state or country) who are considering LASIK.

Now, the decision to have LASIK is not one to be taken lightly. After all, you have one set of eyes, and it’s important that you are informed, comfortable and confident in your decision to trust someone else with the care of your eyes.

One of the most common topics of questions we receive at Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center is about our physicians’ experience – how long our practice has been open, how many patients we’ve served, and how experienced our surgeons are.

These are all great questions that anyone considering LASIK should be asking. Let’s dig a little deeper and expand on the important information you should seek when asking these questions to a potential LASIK surgeon.

How long has your practice has been open?

Is it an established practice with years of experience, or are you dealing with a new practice that doesn’t have a clear ‘track record’? Longevity isn’t a direct indicator of quality, but it can steer you in the right direction.

How many patients have you served?

You’ll want to know how many people have had LASIK with that particular practice. Thousands? Tens of thousands? A few dozen? This directly ties to the surgeon’s experience. Again, “more” isn’t necessarily always better, but “a few” isn’t an acceptable answer.

How experienced are your surgeons?

This question should not only encompass the number of procedures performed, but also any areas of specialization or training. Is your doctor ONLY trained in LASIK, or in other procedures as well, like cataract surgery, multifocal lens procedures, or corneal and glaucoma treatments?

While all of these areas of focus likely won’t directly apply to you, the fact that a physician (or team of physicians) represents these different specialties shows their commitment to complete eye health, which is vital when choosing a doctor for your laser vision correction procedure.


To answer these questions as they apply to Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers:

  • At Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, we’re proudly celebrating our 30 years of service to the Metroplex with two offices located in Plano and Arlington.
  • In that time, we’ve helped tens of thousands of patients enjoy improved vision and optimal eye health.
  • With a team of four surgeons representing a range of vision specialties, we work together to select the optimal treatment option for each patient. We invite you to review our surgeons’ bios on our website to discover more about their experience and particular areas of focus.

Next week, we’ll address the question, “Do you take the team approach to vision correction?” We’ll discuss the importance of having different options for your vision correction, and why the team approach has become so vital to providing patients optimal vision.

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