My LASIK Questions – A Team Approach?

October 22nd, 2013
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This is the third post in a series of “Five Important Questions To Ask Your Lasik Surgeon.” To have your questions answered by one of Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center’s friendly patient counselors, simply dial 1-800-714-2020 or click this link to schedule an appointment online.


If you needed to take a commercial flight and had a choice between a plane flown by only one pilot or a flight led by a TEAM of pilots, which would you chose? The answer is obvious – The pilot team, right?

When considering an eye center for LASIK, you should ask a similar question. “Do you use a team approach?”

Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center features a team of ophthalmologists and optometrists to serve you. There are three main patient benefits that emerge from this team approach to your vision correction procedure.

Peer-to-Peer Case Reviews In Office

Physicians increasingly understand the importance of collaborative medicine. An absence of collaboration between doctors can compromise the quality and safety of patient care. The medical world has long depended on peer-to-peer reviews, and having multiple physicians within a practice brings a diversity of experience where broad medical wisdom can be brought to bear upon any case. Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center’s team approach provides each of our surgeons the opportunity for in-house review when needed.

Patient Scheduling and Physician Availability

Because Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center has a team of qualified surgeons, we are able to schedule your LASIK procedure at a time that works best for you in either of our two centers–in Arlington and Plano. As a full-service ophthalmology practice, this also means that we have qualified doctors and surgeons available should you have an optical injury or eye emergency that occurs at work or from recreational activities.

Partnering With Your Optometrist

We realize many of our patients have a long-standing relationship with their optometrists. For this reason, we actively partner with area optometrists who are involved in the pre-operative and post-operative portions of patient treatment. Our ophthalmologists also offer continuing education classes for our partnering optometrists to help them remain at the forefront of the newest optical medical knowledge. We consider our referring optometrists as part of our team approach as well.


So before you select a LASIK surgeon, be sure to ask, “Do you use a team approach?” Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center takes this team approach to vision correction, and as many patients can attest, the results speak for themselves!

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