Why LASIK Is a Smarter Investment Than Glasses and Contacts

March 30th, 2018
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Cost is an essential consideration for any patient exploring the idea of LASIK surgery. Fortunately, it’s a much better long-term investment than glasses or contacts.

In a recent survey, Americans listed vision loss as one of their greatest health concerns. Nevertheless, many patients fear that LASIK and other forms of laser eye surgery are simply too expensive for them, preventing them from enjoying a permanent solution to their vision problems.

Many of our patients share these concerns about the cost of LASIK. Since many insurers don’t cover it, our patients have some understandable reservations about their ability to pay for the surgery. In the long haul, however, we’ve always found that the initial investment pays off in spades. Indeed, undergoing LASIK now can save you thousands of dollars on eye care in the years to come, making it a more than a worthwhile expense for any patient.

The High Cost of Corrective Lenses

While LASIK can be a significant investment, it isn’t necessarily more expensive than glasses or contacts. In general, the one-time cost of LASIK is easily outweighed by the usual lifetime costs of traditional methods. A 2013 market study, for example, showed that the average annual cost of corrective lenses totaled more than $1,600, with eye exams, refills, associated supplies, and backup pairs all contributing to that sum. Those costs would total more than $16,000 over the course of a decade.

Glasses and contacts can also carry some unexpected expenses that further increase their cost. As any glasses-wearer will tell you, it’s easy to break or misplace your glasses. A single moment of absent-mindedness can result in broken glasses and a whole slew of additional costs. LASIK can spare you those costs altogether.

Manageable Financing

Despite the long-term savings offered by LASIK, many patients still worry about their ability to cover the costs of surgery. Fortunately, most providers offer patients flexible payment packages to make it as affordable as possible.

Many eye clinics, including Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, offer any patient interested in LASIK a free initial consultation. During this appointment, your eye specialist will evaluate your eyes, determine the appropriate course of treatment, and clearly outline your various financing options. In many cases, qualified applicants can get 0% financing for up to two years without placing a down payment. Some eyecare centers also accept CareCredit, a healthcare-specific credit card that can help patients defray the cost of elective procedures like LASIK.

While cost is certainly a critical consideration for any patient, it should never come as a sacrifice to your health. The most important thing to consider is that you receive the highest possible quality of care. Here at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, we work closely with every patient to ensure that they’re receiving excellent treatment on terms that work for them. If you’re considering LASIK, call today (800-714-2020) or visit us online to schedule a free consultation!

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