LASIK Surgery: Go Blade Or No Blade

January 29th, 2018
laser going into eye

Have you ever been to a concert or sporting event where the majority of the viewing audience is all arms-up, clicking snapshots or recording the performance on their smartphones at just about every instance? This is the popular method among our youth of capturing moments and memories; whereas the minority of revelers choose to experience the same live performance and actually live it. So while others fixate on their camera phones, you jockey for your million dollars view all the while fiddling with your glasses to see the action.

Think about it. Your eyes are your camera and you don’t need extra “baggage” when trying to enjoy life’s moments. “By far the most important organs of sense are our eyes. We perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of our site.” (1) So in other words, if hearing, tasting, touching or smelling senses fail us, our eyes are on high alert protecting us. This is why we need to protect our eyes.

Now imagine living life without the restrictions of glasses or contact lenses. How would it feel to NOT have to wear glasses or fuss with contacts while enjoying everyday activities—reading, running, driving—and potentially crowd surfing at the occasional concert? Good news! You have options for LASIK surgery with a blade or bladeless LASIK surgery.

A Closer Look At The Options

In traditional LASIK surgery, a precision surgical instrument called a microkeratome cuts a thin flap into the cornea, the clear part at the very front of the eye. The flap is lifted to apply laser energy that reshapes the cornea, thus correcting the patient’s vision. Early discomfort is minimal with light pressure and slight sensitivity similar to an eyelash in the eye; most patients report the procedure as painless and quick, taking merely 5 to 10 minutes to treat each eye.

Bladeless LASIK, or “all laser LASIK” as it is often referred, is used exclusively here at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, as a more modern vision correction technique. We apply a high-energy, ultra-fast femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap instead of a microkeratome blade. So, no blades around here, EVER. Discomfort is also minimal, the treatment time is faster (just seconds for each eye), and patients often see immediate results. Vision improves rapidly within 24 hours with peak optical clarity in a matter of days—without glasses or contacts!

Noteworthy is that both bladed and bladeless LASIK surgery procedures are capable of treating nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Also, both methods are among the safest medical procedures in modern healthcare/eyecare. Many surgeons, especially here at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, prefer the blade-free solution which is more flexible and customized to the patient.

Is Bladeless LASIK For You?

There are a number of determining factors that help you make a Blade-Free LASIK surgery decision: your age, lifestyle, prescription type/strength, corneal shape and thickness, pupil size and dry eye. The first step is your consultation involving a full eye exam using diagnostic tools, including dilation and thorough pre-op evaluation.

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