The New Raindrop Corneal Inlay Procedure

September 14th, 2016
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If you’re wearing reading glasses (hello, 40!) and have been disheartened by the supposed reality that you’re never…ever…going to be able to get rid of them, YOU’RE IN LUCK! Two words: CORNEAL INLAY.

We have been performing this procedure for over a year now and have seen many patients go from strapped to their reading glasses to completely free from them.

We have been using the KAMRA™ corneal inlay technology and love it, but recently, there has been a breakthrough in this already revolutionary procedure: The Raindrop™ corneal inlay.

Last week, we were able to begin offering this new technology to our over-40 patients with presbyopia.

Here is a little inside look at the Raindrop procedures that have allowed our patients to see wonderfully without readers!


The Corneal Inlay procedure day starts with a few eye tests to ensure everything looks great before starting.

The Procedure:

Then it is time for the Corneal Inlay Procedure! This is about a 10-minute procedure where a small flap is created and the Raindrop inlay is set into just one (the non-dominant) eye.

The Raindrop procedure also can be combined with LASIK for patients who also need distance vision correction.


Almost immediately after the procedure, patients can already see better up-close and their near vision continues to improve over the next few days following the procedure.

The Whole Story:

Take a look at this video that shows the entire process from pre-op to surgery suite to one-day post-op to see how quick and effective this procedure really is. Linda was one of our first patients to receive this revolutionary procedure with Dr. Evangelista and she is now enjoying life without reading glasses.

If you’re sick of readers and are searching for a way out, call us at 800.714.2020 or click here for more information about the Corneal Inlay Procedure.

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