“Over-40” Vision? We Can Help.

February 22nd, 2017
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Remember when life was simple? Yeah. Us neither.

Life is flat out busy for people in their 40s…raising a growing family, managing a household and a career. There is nothing simple about that. It’s no wonder you lose things when you’re pulled in so many different directions at the same time. Your keys, your glasses…your MIND.

So simplifying life wherever possible is always a good idea.

Be real. How many times have you found yourself looking for something you couldn’t find this week?

And how much time could you save if you never had to remember where you left your reading glasses?

And how much money could you save if you never had to buy another pair to replace the last pair you lost? And the pair before that?

What if there were ways to enjoy freedom from reading glasses so you can simplify your daily routine and focus on the things that really matter to you?

There are – here at Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center.

Focusing on Solutions for Over-40 Vision (Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome)

Let’s talk dysfunctional lens syndrome (A.K.A. “over-40 vision”) for a moment, since it is a condition most people will deal with to a degree as they age. When you are young, the lens in your eye is soft and flexible. The lens of the eye changes its shape easily, allowing you to focus on objects both close and far away.

But after the age of 40, the lens becomes more rigid. Rude. Because the lens can’t change shape as easily as it once did (i.e. becomes dysfunctional), it is more difficult to read at close range. This normal condition is also called presbyopia (yes, it has many names – just tell us you “can’t see up close anymore” and we’ll get the point ? ).

This is why you suddenly need drugstore reading glasses to see the text on your phone and the menu at a restaurant.

But don’t fret!

We have helped many people dramatically improve not only their near vision but their quality of life. We have multiple solutions that could reduce or eliminate your need for reading glasses, and when you come in for your appointment, we’ll figure out which treatment method is best for you – depending on your eye shape, vision, lifestyle, age, etc.

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