Safety Tips for Eye Makeup

February 4th, 2020

Learn how to keep your eyes safe while still enjoying your favorite eye makeup looks. 

Hit shows like HBO’s Euphoria have made bold and beautiful eye makeup popular again. If you’re feeling tempted to recreate some of these looks at home, you may want to consider the potential risks of wearing makeup around your eyes. 

However, that doesn’t mean you have to forego eye makeup entirely. Protect your eyes with these simple tips and (safely) enjoy wearing your favorite products.  

Eye Makeup Can Compromise Eye Safety

The clean beauty trend has produced makeup free from toxic ingredients like lead and mercury, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all makeup is 100% safe. For instance, some eyeshadow palettes come with glittery colors that look amazing in the pan, but the flaky, powdery shadow can irritate your eyes. 

Anything that you put close to your eyes can cause discomfort or infection, but waterline eyeliner and mascara are some of the worst offenders. Even if you’re an expert at handling an eyeliner pencil, try to avoid putting anything on your waterline, the area between your lashes and your eye. What’s more, a razor-sharp pencil is just as good at scratching your corneas as it is at drawing clean lines. Tubes of old or expired mascara can carry bacteria that builds up on your eyelashes and transfers to your eyes when you blink.  

False eyelashes, just like your real ones, can protect your eyes from dust and moisture evaporation. However, if the lashes are too long or not made of quality materials, they can do the exact opposite and funnel drying air directly into your eyes. Also, caked on eyelash glue or makeup can cause painful symptoms like swelling, redness, discharge, and light sensitivity.

Tips For Protecting Your Eyes While Wearing Makeup

It’s important to know that eye makeup can compromise your eye safety, but you don’t need to swear off makeup for good. Follow these 10 tips to minimize any safety concerns.

  • Test your makeup on the inside of your elbow for at least 48 hours before applying it to your eyes.
  • Throw out any expired makeup and replace your products regularly.
  • Keep your hands, brushes, sponges, and other applicators clean. Wash your hands before you start.
  • Apply eyeliner on the outside of your lower lash line, not on your waterline. 
  • Never share makeup or makeup applicators with other people.
  • Skip wearing eye makeup for one or two days out of the week to give your eyes a rest.
  • Avoid eyelash glues that contain formaldehyde and don’t use too much. 
  • Put your contact lenses in before you apply makeup.
  • Avoid eyeliner or eyeshadow with chunky glitter.
  • Don’t apply makeup in a moving vehicle, even when you’re in a rush. 

There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than Healthy Eyes

Feel free to experiment with eye makeup, but make sure your eye safety comes first. If you’ve been experiencing eye irritation, swelling, or redness after using your favorite products, contact the eye care professionals at Kleiman Evangelista today. We want you to look your best and that includes your happy, healthy eyes.  

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