Visian ICL and Its Benefits Explained

October 14th, 2020
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If a strong prescription, chronic dry eye or thin corneas have eliminated your chances of LASIK, then Visian ICL may be the alternative you need. Visian ICL, also known as implantable collamer lens or implantable contact lens, is a minimally invasive procedure with some benefits that may make it more ideal than LASIK. And with a 99% patient satisfaction rate, it’s clear that people everywhere are finding success with this corrective eye surgery.

Continue reading for everything you need to know about Visian ICL and to determine whether it is the right option for you.

What is Visian ICL?

Visian ICL is a form of corrective eye surgery that offers a permanent solution for certain refractive errors. The procedure uses different techniques and equipment than LASIK, namely an ICL, which is a small, soft artificial lens made from collagen co-polymer. The lens closely resembles a contact; but rather than sitting atop the eye, it sits between the cornea and the iris. From there, this artificial lens works with the natural lens to help light focus on the retina and create clearer images.

Visian ICL is most ideal for non-LASIK candidates who have:

  • Moderate to extreme nearsightedness, with or without astigmatism
  • Thin cornea
  • Severe dry eye symptoms
  • Large pupils or other eye irregularities

What Should I Expect During Visian ICL?

Like LASIK, Visian ICL is a relatively short procedure, lasting about 15 minutes, and the recovery time is also quick with near-immediate results. Some patients even return to work the day after surgery.

To begin, your surgeon will administer anesthetic eye drops to reduce pain. They will then inject the folded collamer lens through a micro incision (much smaller than the one made during LASIK). The lens will then unfold and sit securely in the eye to improve vision.

The staff at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers will also provide prescription eye drops to ease discomfort and aid in healing. It is important to keep your follow-up appointments even though your vision may feel stable.

Benefits of Visian ICL

Aside from crisp vision and increased accessibility to non-LASIK candidates, Visian ICL also has a number of subsequent benefits:

  • Works in harmony with the natural lens
  • Made of biomaterial, so there is less chance for rejection
  • UV protective lenses
  • Permanent solution with an easily removable lens, especially helpful in cases of changing prescriptions
  • Easier healing due to a smaller incision
  • Lower risk of dry eye symptoms
  • Better night vision and reduced halo/glare effect

Is Visian ICL Right for Me?

If your ophthalmologist has ruled out LASIK surgery as an option, this procedure may be right for you, especially if you fall into one of the aforementioned classifications. However, this procedure is not the catch-all. There are still some factors that prevent this surgery, including age, pregnancy and certain health and eye conditions.

Thankfully, Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers specializes in tailor-made solutions and will work with you to determine the best treatment route for your eyes. Schedule a consultation to get started on your journey toward clear vision with Visian ICL.

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