What is a PanOptix Trifocal Lens?

October 20th, 2020
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When the time comes to permanently correct your vision, you’ll want to find the best solution that improves your eyesight from all distances in all situations. While intraocular lenses (IOLs) have long been used to treat cataracts and other eye conditions, structural and technological improvements mean that newer models, such as the PanOptix Trifocal Lens, may offer the clearest vision possible.

Continue reading for the benefits, uses, and what to expect of corrective eye surgery with PanOptix Trifocals.

What is an IOL?

Intraocular lenses are small, artificial implants used to replace the natural lens during cataract surgery and clear lens exchange (CLE). The IOL bends light to focus on the retina and produce clear images. Depending on your needs and eyesight, you may receive either a mono-, multi-, or trifocal lens replacement or some combination between eyes. The type of lens inserted will determine how well you will be able to see at varying distances:

  • Monofocal Lens – Delivers the most precise vision at only one distance. Monofocal lenses are the most common implants used during cataract surgery that are also covered by insurance.
  • Multifocal Lens – This type of lens clarifies near and distance vision but does not address intermediate sight. It relies on the eye muscles to quickly adjust and use the needed focal point.
  • Trifocal Lens – Trifocals offer three ranges of clearer vision, including distance, mid-range, and near, giving full visual scope.

PanOptix Trifocals are one of the most modern IOL implants used in cataract surgery and is the first FDA-approved trifocal lens in the U.S. as of 2019. The PanOptix Trifocal Lens can also correct astigmatism.

How is the PanOptix Trifocal Lens Inserted?

The PanOptix Trifocal Lens is inserted by in the same way as other IOLs during cataract surgery and CLEs. These quick outpatient procedures use our advanced laser technology that promotes quick and proper healing. Your trifocal lens will fuse with your eye structures to develop clearer vision over the four weeks following your surgery.

Learn more about our full cataract eye surgery process.

3 Benefits of the PanOptix Trifocal Lens

PanOptix Trifocal Lenses are frequently inserted in over 70 countries, and the results speak for themselves. Clinical studies have shown many benefits and increased safety associated with this treatment option — and proved its efficacy to restore 20/25 vision or better at most distances in the majority of cases compared to 20/65 with traditional lens options.

Here are three more reasons people consider this lens as a viable option for their cataract surgery.

1.    Clear Vision at Any Distance

Unlike simpler implants, the PanOptix Trifocal lens delivers the complete visual range, giving most patients the freedom of a life without glasses or contacts, thanks to its versatility.

2.    Built-In Eye Protection

PanOptix Trifocal Lenses filter both UV rays and blue light to shield the eyes from the everyday damage of the sun and electronic screens.

3.    Minimal Side Effects

Coupled with improved technology, PanOptix Trifocal Lenses decrease potential side effects, like halo and glare effect. Not to mention 99% of subjects in a clinical trial would opt for the lens again, meaning the pros far outweigh the cons.

Is the PanOptix Trifocal Lens Right for Me?

The PanOptix trifocal lens is especially beneficial for those whose eyes have become too clouded or darkened due to cataracts and want to resume an everyday lifestyle without corrective eyewear.

However, this option is also acceptable for several individuals, including those with:

  • Early cataracts
  • Presbyopia, the inability to see up close because of corneal aging
  • Blurry vision from an irregular-shaped cornea
  • Thin corneas (ruling out LASIK)

At your free consultation, the eye doctors in greater Dallas at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers can help you determine whether the PanOptix Trifocal Lens is a good fit and put you on the road to clearer vision no matter your age!

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