What’s Causing My Eye Pain?

November 16th, 2021
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You use your eyes every day. So, when you begin to experience pain or discomfort, it can feel like a big deal. The good news is that many instances of eye pain are temporary and completely unrelated to underlying disease. Continue reading to learn the possible causes for your eye pain and related conditions.

What constitutes eye pain?

Eye pain can vary from person to person. You may experience symptoms in one or both eyes. Depending on the cause, you may feel discomfort in or around the eye.

Your eye pain may be centralized in these areas:

  • Cornea — Clear covering of the eye that focuses light
  • Sclera — The whites of the eyes
  • Conjunctiva — Thin covering of sclera and eyelid
  • Iris — Colored part of the eye
  • Orbit — The eye socket
  • Extraocular muscles that rotate the eye
  • Nerves — Carries visual information to the brain
  • Eyelids

Knowing where you’re feeling the discomfort can help you pinpoint the cause. It also enables you to give our eye doctors in Dallas the information needed for swift and appropriate treatment.

Along with the location, you should try to describe the sensation you are feeling, whether that is:

  • Sharp pain
  • Aching
  • Throbbing
  • Burning or stinging
  • A feeling that something is in the eye

Common Causes of Eye Pain

Your eye pain may be acute or chronic based on the root cause. Anything from a long workday to autoimmune diseases can contribute to your discomfort. When you start to experience discomfort, it can help to evaluate your lifestyle as well as temporary problems that may have spurred it.

Generally, these factors will contribute to your discomfort:

  • Bacterial or viral infection either from external sources or internal spread
  • Seasonal, environmental, or food allergies
  • Chemical irritants
  • Environmental factors, such as dust, wind, and smoke
  • Injury
  • Increased eye pressure
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Foreign bodies, common with yard work, manual labor, etc.
  • Chronic rubbing
  • Prolonged screen time
  • Incorrect prescription or dirty contact lenses

Conditions Associated with Eye Pain

Eye pain is commonly a symptom of many eye conditions, especially infectious diseases.

  • Blepharitis – The inflammatory infection of the eyelid. However, it is not always painful.
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) – This inflammation of the conjunctiva can result from viral or bacterial infection or allergies.
  • Keratitis – The infection of the cornea
  • Glaucoma – Typically, the acute angle-closure variety causes pain due to the increase in pressure.
  • Iritis/uveitis—Inflammation of the iris or uvea in the middle of the eye.
  • Sinusitis – Infection of the sinuses can often contribute to eye pressure and resulting pain
  • Stye—Infection or clogging of the glands lining the eyelid.
  • Corneal abrasions—Scratches on the cornea.

Suppose your consistent eye pain is accompanied by other symptoms, such as blurred vision, redness, discharge, or light sensitivity. In that case, you should make an appointment with our eye doctors at your earliest convenience.

Keep in mind that some serious conditions, like cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and retinal detachment, may not result in any pain, making regular eye exams an essential part of your healthcare.

Treatment of Eye Pain

Many cases of eye pain will resolve without any treatment or intervention. If your symptoms stem from a condition, the eye doctors in Dallas will make a treatment plan to restore your health and comfort. Treatment plans may include corticosteroid or antibiotics eye drops, oral medication, or in severe cases, surgery.

At Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, we are equipped to handle every aspect of your eye care to ensure you see life’s moments clearly and comfortably. Schedule an appointment with the experts in cataract and LASIK surgery in Dallas to resolve your eye pain today!